Number 9: Birthing, Finality & Judgment

The number 9 is the Biblical number for BIRTHING, FINALITY & JUDGMENT.

During the month of September, God will birth new ideas, new concepts & new plans through you. He will cause things in your life to COME FORTH & he will GIVE LIFE to your dreams, visions & aspirations causing them to blossom & manifest. This month God will cause a birthing of new ventures, new connections, new divine relationship & new establishments, so be attentive.

During this month, God will also bring closure & end lots of things that have been going on in your life. It has reached its FINAL STAGE & will come to an abrupt end. There are even some things & relationships that you may not want to end, but God will cause it to for your own benefit, don’t fight him.

During this month, God will also cause you to judge your previous months, years & times & he will cause you to make an assessment & evaluation. He will cause you to judge your own actions, behavior & situations & make some quality decisions, life changes & improvements. So if it appears that you are evaluating everything, making assessments & making some changes, just know that God is at WORK.

Enjoy this amazing month, that’s full of transitions, new things, evaluations, assessments, a severing of ties & establishment of new covenants & so much more.