Memory…your WORST ENEMY?

Don’t let your memory be your WORST ENEMY. It’s often that there is a battle between remembering & forgetting. However, remembering is to help one not make that mistake or error again, but most people remember the pain, the torture, the abandonment, the suffering, the betrayal & that memory causes one to dwell in that place, never forgive, never move forward & never progress beyond that place of memory.

It’s sooo many great things ahead, so many blessings, promises, opportunities, new relationships & connections that are designed for you; So don’t abort your destiny or cause your destiny to falter still holding on to old dead weight, old situations, old offenses, old relationships, old confrontations, old circumstances, old problems, old comments, old drama, old chaos & old mess, but MOVE FORWARD.

Truth is, you can’t CHANGE what happened, so why dwell on it? You can’t change the outcome of it, so why discuss it & relive it? You can’t change what was done, so why hold that grudge on the inside? There is no REASON WHY…

So rest tonight & pray this simple prayer to God: Father, in the name of Jesus, As you know, there are so many things that I have endured & overcome by your grace & tonight, I ask that you clear my memory & my conscious of those things so I will not dwell on what occurred. I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind & I ask that you renew my mind by your power. Open my eyes to see what’s ahead & destroy every fear that I have that attempts to make me dwell on my past. I AM PROGRESSING, I AM MOVING FORWARD & I will not abort my destiny dwelling on the things of old. Thank you for clearing my mind, thanks for erasing every horrible memory, thanks for giving me the strength to press forward, thanks for giving me the opportunity to forgive, thanks for giving me hope & for raising my expectations of a great future, thanks for healing me of the experiences & thanks for renewing my mind in the name of Jesus. I receive your REST & SWEET SLEEP & I look forward to awakening to a brand new day full of new mercies in Jesus name, AMEN